Chitu systems Mini heater warm resin for resin 3d printer


Introducing our innovative Mini Heating Module, designed specifically for resin-based 3D printing enthusiasts.

Warm your resin and enjoy the successful printing

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heater temp range

Wide temperature control

Our module offers a large temperature adjustment range, allowing you to set your desired heating temperature anywhere between 0℃ (32℉) and 85℃ (185℉).

Portable & Adjustable direction

It is very small and easy-adjust, you can warm the resin in a big range of different resin 3d printers.

User-friendly design

Installation is hassle-free, requiring no drilling into your 3D printer’s outer casing. The cable management is neat and tidy.

Low noise operation

Our Mini Heating Module operates quietly, ensuring minimal disruption to your work environment.

Dual roller bearing fan

Our powerful fan delivers high airflow and speed, reaching up to 8000 RPM.

Overheat protection

Independent power adapter, Enjoy rapid and safe heating times with our large-capacity power adapter. For your safety, the module will automatically stop heating if the device temperature exceeds 85℃.(185℉)

Compact and versatile

The small size of our module allows for easy portability and multi-angle adjustments. It’s compatible with most 3D printers on the market.

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