JAMG HE Conjure Sculpt high-detailed resin with very clear detail performance, the best resin for miniatures and display pieces.


Conjure sculpt provides a smooth surface, and 33% elongation at break makes it non-brittle and more durable than normal resin.

It is a good option if you are printing high detailed miniatures.


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JAMG HE Conjure Sculpt high-detailed resin with very clear detail performance, the best resin for miniatures and display pieces.


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JAMG HE Conjure Sculpt resin

Conjure sculpt resin

  • High-precision with an extremely smooth surface
  • Best choice for high detailed miniatures and display pieces
  • More durable than standard resin, unbreakable when dropped from the desk.
  • Higher viscosity, better machinability, and harder to print, but worth trying if you want the best surface quality.
  • Compatibility with most LCD and DLP printers and recommended print temperature range of 25℃~30℃

High detailed Miniatures loot

High detailed Miniatures

Miniatures from creative artists worldwide make the base of resin printing. Conjure sculpt resin aims to allow you to reach the details they designed.

Model by Loot-Studios

Collective Studio

Tabletop Gaming

Different RPG and tabletop board gaming are very popular, our grey color makes the detail come out great.

Model by Collective Studio

Conjure suclpt resin Head Sculpt

Head Sculpt

Our beige color has a very high viscosity because of more ceramic powder in the material, and it allows you to print the most complex detailed surface from head sculpt.

Model by FRKN

High toughness & Non-brittle

High toughness & Non-brittle

Conjure sculpt follows the ASTM D638 test, we get the elongation at break 32%, which means it has good toughness and you can expect unbreakable prints.

Ultra-low shrinkage

Ultra-low shrinkage

With low shrinkage, you can expect the prints to come out the same size as your file design, with no more glue, magnet, sanding, and other post-process workload.

Longer shelf time

Conjure resin has a 18 months shelf time, and the package protect resin very well from leaking.

Conjure sculpt resin has very low shrinkage for articulated figures, and the best detail for miniatures helps a lot before painting.

The beige color is hard to handle if you are not very experienced. make sure your bed is leveled well and the temperature over 25 degrees.


  • Shake well before use
  • Recommended temperature 25°C – 30°C
  • Always wear gloves and a mask to avoid direct skin contact
  • Keep away from children, dust, and direct sunlight
  • Wash with plenty of water immediately if you get direct skin contact with resin
loot studio
sculpt beige



 Valkyrie Queen from Loot Studios

The Loot Studios has quite a few great designs for your printing.

Printer: ELEGOO Mars 3

Resin: Conjure Sculpt

Layer height: 0.05mm

Exposure time: 2.5s

Bottom exporsure time:35s

Bottom layers: 5

How to choose the right resin?

Both 3 Conjure resins are tough like types, It depends on what you are going to print.

For miniatures or figures, the details and unbreakable are key demands, you can use Conjure Sculpt resin, or mix the Siraya tenacious with normal resin.

For FDM printing parts. you can use the Conjure Rigid or Tough, it has a better surface and is much faster than FDM printers, after painting you get almost the same durability.

For dental or other usage you may have to find professional customized series like Formlabs.

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Technical data sheet

sculpt resin parameter

3D Printing Workflow

Make sure to wear nitrile gloves anytime you intend to handle liquid resin.

1. Check the model

Make sure to prepare your model well, to not get a failed print, you should check the orientation, dig hole, and support settings.

CHITUBOX has some great tutorials to explain how to add support

2. Printing profile settings. (exposure time, lift speed, etc.)

Your local printing environment and resin setting greatly affect the final print quality. Conjure series resin requests a temperature of 25-30 ℃.

Conjure resin printing profile guide, Click here

You can also download the exposure test file to get the best settings for your printers. Click here

3. Check printer status before printing

3.1 Make sure your printer vat is clean,(no extra piece in the vat, or it will affect the quality and can damage your machine). there is a video by Nerdtronic Why Resin 3D Prints Fail

3.2 Make sure your plate has been levelled following the manufacturers' instructions for normal resin, it is easy to print,  The Conjure series resin, especially for the sculpt resin, has a higher viscosity, you must ensure the bed has been properly levelled before printing, It shallow penetration depth makes the adhesion between layers not very strong. (For bigger printers the levelling is more important)

3.3 Adding more lifting distance and reducing the lifting speed will help to get better results.

4. Shake the resin before use

You need to shake the bottle for a few minis if your resin has not used in a long time.

5. Clean the prints

It is better to clean the resin before post-curing because the chemical reaction is not completed during the initial printing. There is uncured resin left on your prints.

We recommend using Ethanol or IPA and a painter brush (or any brush made of hair) to remove uncured resin. A wash station is a great way to clean prints well. 

For some complex print, an ultrasonic cleaner is the best choice to clean it.

6. Dry and post-curing

Dry the prints before curing them, and use 395~405nm UV light for about 60s to cure them. If you need more time to cure the prints, maybe your prints have not cleaned well.

7. Surface Primer and Paint to make the prints more durable

The resin material is not that good in durability compared to the filament. The humidity and light affect it even if it is post-cured.

Advantages of surface primer:

  • Colour anti-interference ability, cover the original colour of the model parts to prevent colour deviation.
  • Easy to reflect the details after a surface primer base to facilitate the inspection of surface defects and textures.
  • The surface primer base has stronger adhesion to the paint to prevent paint loss.

8. Frequently asked printing issue

We also write many articles on CHITUBOX website to help you understand better what printing issue you may meet, and why it happens.

You can learn more detail here:

Resin 3D Printing Troubleshooting

resin printing troubleshooting

CHITUBOX did quite a few tests and create the troubleshooting knowledge for users, take a look here if you meet a failed resin printing.

Resin 3d printing Troubleshooting

We also have stock on amazon and AliExpress


Chitusystems Facebook group

Discuss resin printing and interesting feedback there

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

Sale price-3KG, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg


Beige, Sculpt Grey

Ship from

China, USA, EU( UK include), Brazil, Russia

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  1. short shelf life

    The resin I got was pretty close to its expiration date. Had a few things print out somewhat alright, but it was having a weird issue with some parts failing to fully bind to the rest of the print. Didn’t have that problem with other resins I’ve tried, but the biggest issue is the short shelf life. I was hoping to be able to have it on hand for at least 6 months, but it expired within 3 when I got it..

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  2. Very low shrinkage, very accurate but also very hard to get it dialed in.

    I’ve been testing Chitu’s Jamg He Conjure Sculpt resin since late last week and trying to get my settings dialed in and yesterday I finally did. Yes it took me over the course of the weekend and countless test prints to finally nail it down and it was a PIA to get it where it was supposed to be and I had almost given up a couple of times and just bought some Siraya Tech Build instead but thanks to the help of a friend that’s also testing it, he helped me nail it down and of course the fine people over at Chitu Jamg He as well. Dimensionally accurate with little to no shrinkage at all. The lower leg is measured in 3D Builder at 44.32mm and the printed part was measured at 44.32mm, that’s no shrinkage at all, now granted some thinner pieces may shrink/warp slightly but this was impressive. This is why I tried so hard to get it dialed in because the entirety of the model I’m building (1:48 scale Star Wars AT-AT) is over 115 pieces that all have to fit together in some way. I was using Elegoo’s Standard Grey and it warped really bad so I had to look for something else and stumbled upon Chitu Jamg He and their series of Conjure resins and after seeing pictures of my friend’s Black Forge figure I was intrigued. Should be getting a new bottle of Conjure Rigid in a couple of days to test out as well.If your looking for a quick resin, you should look elsewhere as this will not be for you, but if your looking for dimensional accuracy and can stand a longer wait then this is your guy. My suggestion is buy at least two bottles because your going to use a lot just to get your settings dialed in. Also look for the Jamg He FB group because the Chitu people are on it and if you have any issues they can help you out. All my tests were done on a Elegoo Saturn S, also I had to bump my exposure all the way up to 5.2, and because the resin is so viscous I have to lower my retract speed down from 210 to 120 and raise my Rest Time After Retract because the sudden force of it lowering into the VAT was killing the details on my test prints which were throwing me off and extended the time for me to figure out what needed to be adjusted.If you want a premium resin and are willing to spend a lot of time getting your settings dialed in then I would definitely suggest buying some of this. Some of the previous reviewers gave it some poor remarks saying it doesn’t work but given enough time and understanding of just how this resin is/works then I think they would have been more happy with it and given it a different type of review. Patience will need to be on your side for this to work.Never Stop Creating!

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  3. Failed to print

    Resin worked eventually and is very pretty. I had a lot of initial trouble with gettting the settings right. This resin needs a little more exposure time and retraction than others I have used. Once you’ve dialed in your settings the result is good. Might deserve 5 stars but due to needing more exposure time etc, it takes twice as long to print as other faster curing resins.

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  4. Unable to get a successful print.

    Tried up to 70s bottom exposure with 7s per layer on my 4k mono and was unable to get a print with this resin. Metal bottle but impossible to pour the resin without getting it all over the threads of the top. Bottle makes a mess, resin itself didn’t make anything.

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  5. Great quality resin

    This resin is great. I had to increase my exposure from 3 seconds to 4 but it worked so well and had no dimples from supports and very little odour

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