ChiTu L K1 Motherboard With TMC2209 For 8.9inch and 10.1inch LCD/mSLA 3D Printer Controller Board


ChiTu L K1 is an upgrade board to take over our L5.5-10.1 board(discontinued).

Can work with a series of RGB LCD screens.

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ChiTu L K1 Motherboard With 32Bit TMC2209 For LCD/mSLA 3D Printer Controller Board

The firmware option is FPGA firmware come with board, you can also update yourself from our download page.



Mainboard size:120*85mm




Input voltage:12~24V 5~15A


Motor driver:TMC2209


TFT color touch screen:2.8/3.5/4.3/5.0 inch


Supported LCD screen:6.0/8.9/10.1 inch 2K


Data interface:U disk, Network port


Supported file format: ctb


Slice software:CHITUBOX


Shipping list:


1.only board controller board+ gifts


2. controller board + 2.8/3.5/4.3/5.0 touch screen + 50cm FFC cable + gifts







Please pay attention to the LCD screen models supported by this motherboard.
If you use other models of the corresponding size, the motherboard may be damaged!!
Please contact ChiTu’s technical staff to confirm before using other LCD screens.
We will not be responsible for any damage caused on the controller board by unauthorized use of the LCD screen


The touch screen can only be used for ChiTu controller board.Other screens may not match ChiTu controller


ChiTu 3d printer board



Installing power supply:


As shown below, connect the power supply wire with -12V/24V+ port.


Please note: reverse connection of the positive and negative poles will make damage to the motherboard !!!

3d printer board
chitu board

Connection diagram


The ChiTu L K1 works perfectly with 8.9inch 10.1inch 2K monochrome screen.

You can learn more about how LCD works on resin printer here.

For product detail you can download info here: Download

For any question please feel free to submit a ticket here: Ticket System


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Touch screen Size

2.8 inch, 3.5 inch, 4.3inch, 5.0 inch, only board