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How to update the firmware/parameter/UI on ChiTu board

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*Download the board file from the website if you are going to try different screen options:

Under most circumstances, you only need to update the firmware file and the UI file.

Unzip all the files inside the update zip package.

How to Update

Copy all the files, into the USB drive and place them in the root directory of the USB drive.

Power off the machine and insert the USB drive into the machine’s USB port, followed by re-powering the machine.

After power on:

Firmware update
If the version of the update.LCD in the U disk, and the current version on the controller board is not consistent, the controller board will take priority and automatically update this file, the touch screen will not light up at this time.
But you can hear the buzzer tone, buzzer tone rhythm for, Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-Di~Di-Di.
(5 short beeps, 1 long beep, 2 short beeps)
After the firmware is updated successfully, the touch screen will light up and the program will start.

Firmware update process

A) Check the current firmware version Open the 3d printer, click the“system” on the main page, you will enter the“system” page.

In the“system”page, click the“Information, you will enter“Information”page.

In the“Information” page, the info after is the current firmware version.

B) Check the compatible board firmware Please check the compatible firmware of your board on the official website, you can check info according to your board or ask customer support.

C) Download the firmware files Download the corresponding firmware base on your controller board. You can download it to your PC or laptop.

D) Import firmware file

Import the firmware update files into a blank U disk through your personal computer or laptop (the U disk should be empty or has been formatted). In order to ensure the update process without any issue, please ensure that the U disk The remaining space is above 1G, and all files should be placed in the ROOT directory of the U disk.

E) Insert U disk Power off the printer, Insert the U disk into your printer (or the USB interface of the board)

F) Update core firmware file Turn on the printer, and it will automatically retrieve the file in the U disk. If the U disk contains the file “update.lcd”, the printer will first read and load the file, and then upgrade the firmware. (If the current firmware version is the same as the on in U disk, it will not update.) There will emit twice a “beep” sound to remind you of the completion of firmware updating.

G) Update other files Click“Print”you will enter “file list” page

In this page you can see all the files and folders in the U disk.

choose the firmware you want to update, you will enter“file info”page

On the “file info” page, print the file by clicking button, the printer will read the file and start upgrade automatically.

During the updating, please DO NOT click any button in case of updating failed.

Please maks sure the power won’t off during the updating firmware

There will emit twice a “beep” sound to remind you of the completion of firmware updating. Restart the printer to check. (Same way for all the firmware format update.)

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