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How to adjust the 8.9inch matrix UV LED light source current.

The UV LED array can’t be adjusted via PWM for now,

*Input: 24V 5A

“+” with “24v”

“-” with “GND”

“12V” with “cooling fan or disconnect”

The driver board will come dual-output 16V 1.8A default. current can be adjusted from 1.5A-2.8A. (The current can’t be higher than 2.5A or the LED will be damaged)

The blue R5= LED1,  R6=LED2, connects it you can check the current. connect the Ammeter in series with a group of lamps.

Clockwise= lower the current, Counterclockwise= increase the current.

For a long time running, you have to connect the cooling fan for the LED array and make sure the sink temperature not over 50 degrees.

We do not recommend you to adjust the current, and CBD-Tech won’t respond to any issue caused by this.